How Can I Manage My Inventory? 

NOTE: There are several ways to manage your inventory. This document covers how to do so from the Inventory page directly. If you would like to learn how to list items for sale, please review either our How To Sell Music or Quicklister help documents. If you would like to learn how to make bulk changes to your inventory using a .csv file, please review our Bulk Upload Feature help document.

To manage your inventory from the Inventory page, click on the small down arrow next to "Marketplace" in the site header, and select the Inventory link under the Sell Music section of the menu.

To update your currently listed items: 

    1. Select the checkbox next to the items to be updated. To select all items in the current view, click on the 2018-12-19_12-17-40.jpg at the top of that column.
    2. Select the action you would like to perform on the selected items:
      1. Delete - Completely removes the selected items from your inventory and the Marketplace.
      2. Mark For Sale - Changes the status of the selected items to "For Sale" (available for purchase).
      3. Unlist - Changes the status of the selected items to "Draft" (not available for purchase).
      4. Edit - Allows editing of:

You can filter your items for sale by status using the Status dropdown menu on the right side of the page. Here is a breakdown of the different item statuses:

        • Draft - Items can be listed as "Draft" by clicking the "Unlist" button. Drafts can be edited, but are not available for sale on the Marketplace. Drafts can be listed on the Marketplace by clicking the "Mark for Sale" button. You may also click next to the listing to highlight it, then choose "Delete".
        • Expired - Items marked as "Expired" have been manually suspended from sale in the Marketplace, using the Expire all For Sale Items option.
        • For Sale - These items are currently listed for active sale in your marketplace.
        • Pending - Sellers that don't have at least one complete shipping policy will see their items being marked as Pending. To re-list the items, a complete shipping policy needs to be added first.
        • Violation - Items marked as "Violation" have been reported by other users as violating some part of listing guidelines. Guidelines on common reasons for listing violations can be found under Listing Violations.
        • Suspended - When items are marked as "Suspended," it means that your account has been suspended and all items are currently removed from the Marketplace. You may need to contact Discogs Support by filing a support request to discuss the suspension.
        • Sold - These items have been sold through your marketplace. You can click next to the listing to highlight, then choose "Delete."

Note: Prices marked with a 2018-12-19_12-17-47.jpg indicate that the listing may be priced too high, based on sales history. The median value that is displayed by default, from the Edit view, is updated weekly. To pull the most up-to-date sales history for an item click on the "More" link.


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