What Do I Need To Set Up My Seller Account? 

You are only a couple of steps away from selling on Discogs. Here is what you need to do to get started:

Note: A revised Seller Policy Agreement was launched in June 2023. Sellers are required to agree to this policy before making any updates to their seller settings. If you are unable to make changes to your seller settings (each field is light gray and inaccessible), please scroll to the bottom of the Seller Settings page and review and agree to the Seller Policy.

  • Discogs account: If you haven't done so already, create a free Discogs account. If you already have one to discover, catalog, or buy music, then you can use your existing account to complete the additional requirements before you start selling in the marketplace.
  • Seller Settings: The next step is filling out your Seller Settings. Discogs requests and verifies information such as your address to ensure overall marketplace security and compliance with various global regulations. You may be required to complete additional measures for seller account identification depending on where you operate and what volume of business you do on Discogs. You must also provide your verified Paypal account, inform us if you are a hobby or business seller, set up your Shipping Policies, and describe your Seller Terms through your Seller Settings:
    • Verified Paypal account: A verified PayPal account is a requirement for selling on Discogs. First, complete the verification process through PayPal. Next, connect your PayPal and Discogs accounts underneath the Payment Information section. If you have issues with the verification process or connecting your accounts, please contact Paypal support directly.
    • Hobby vs Business Seller: Make a selection to self-identify as a business or hobby seller. Some sellers will be notified if they need to provide further details based on their location and business size. For more information on this distinction, please review our separate help document as well as our other online selling resources.
    • Shipping Policies: Your Shipping Policies indicate which regions you would like to sell and ship music to. You decide where you conduct your business, but we require at least one complete policy that covers either one region or all areas. For more detailed information, please review What Are Shipping Policies And How To Use Them.
    • Seller Terms: Your Seller Terms are the place for you to describe your shipping and return policies upfront to buyers. This information will be available to potential customers both on your seller profile and on all the items you list for sale.  For more detailed information, please review What Are Seller Terms? 

For more information about selling on Discogs, review our Seller Guidelines & Best Practices and How To Sell Music On Discogs.


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