How To Stay Up-To-Date On Discogs News

If you are interested in receiving messages from Discogs about music news, contests, how-to guides, feature updates and special promotions, it is important to make sure that you have enabled your Newsletters notifications to be sent to your personal email account. 

To update your Newsletters Notification preferences, log in to your Discogs account and then go to the Newsletters section of your Notification Settings page.  (Are you not a registered Discogs user? If so you will need to create a free Discogs account before you can select your notification preferences.)

From here you can see:

  • What kinds of notifications are available.
  • Which of these notifications you have enabled to be sent.

Once you are done reviewing and updating your Notifications preferences, be sure to click the green Save Settings button at the bottom of the Notifications Settings page.

If you have enabled notifications to be sent to your personal email but you are not receiving them, please read through our Why Am I Not Getting Email Notifications? help article. Here you will find some troubleshooting guidelines.


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