How Can I Update The Status Of An Order?

Only sellers can update the status of an order. There are several options to do this:

  1. From the Orders page, click on the link for the order number you want to update.
  2. Use the green button below the order table to advance the order state.
  3. You can add an optional message in the pop-up before confirming the status change.


With the PayPal Payments solution, the order should arrive as Payment Received. It may occur that a payment is sent but is not cleared right away. In this case, PayPal marks this payment as “pending”. Typically, this is the result of an e-check. The Discogs order page will also reflect this pending payment by updating the order status to Payment Pending. When the payment clears, Discogs will automatically update the order to “Payment Received”. We recommend that pending payments clear before the seller ships the order.

After the payment has been received, you can also update the order using the optional status “In Progress”. This will allow you to notify the buyer that you are preparing the order. To read more about this status please visit What Do The Different Order Statuses Mean?

It may happen that an order arrives as Invoice Sent. If this has happened and your buyer is unable to send payment, please review the following help document: Why Am I Unable To Pay For My Order?



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