Offensive Marketplace Item Guide

Discogs is committed to remaining an open discography of all viable audio recordings. (Please see our Database Guidelines for further information on items viable for database submission.) However, we reserve the right to block the sale of any release in the database from the Discogs Marketplace.

Discogs policy is to block any releases from our marketplace that, through images and text on the release itself, are primarily created to incite violent hatred against groups of people based on areas such as their ethnic, cultural, religious or sexual identity, or with reference to physical or mental health. The decision to not allow the sale of specific releases is at our sole discretion. Items that are blocked from being sold in the Discogs Marketplace are not removed from the database.

Discogs also reserves the right to block the use of the marketplace by any seller whose inventory contains an uncommon percentage of releases that feature hate speech, extreme prejudice against any other group of people, incitement to violence, or otherwise violate marketplace policies. If you are concerned about a release or releases you want to sell, please contact us before listing the item for sale.

Reporting an Item:

To make it as efficient as possible for the community to report individual items, as well as for our staff to review, we have implemented a reporting option, available on each release page.

Only items in violation of the above policies will be reviewed for potential marketplace blocks, and only if reported through the link on the release page. If the item is deemed in violation of our offensive materials policy, it will be blocked from sale in the marketplace but will remain in the database. Review decisions are final, and will not be discussed by our support staff. 

Reporting Inventory:

Community members with concerns about a seller whose overall inventory may violate our policy are asked to please contact us directly.


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