I Just Received My First Order! Now, What Do I Do?

Whenever an order is placed, the buyer is able to send payment at the same moment. Once that has happened, as a seller you should:

  • Use the order page to communicate with the buyer and discuss any questions you or the buyer might have.
  • In some cases, the buyer might not pay directly at the checkout. They will, however, receive a reminder to pay within 4 days.
  • Any communication and/or order status update should be handled within 4 days maximum. This is part of our Seller Policy.
  • If not indicated otherwise in your seller terms, orders should be shipped out within 4 days of payment being received.
  • If needed, use the green button below the order table to update the order status. 

Receive my first order

  • Remember that when a buyer sends payment, the order page status will automatically update to Payment Received. It may occur that a payment is sent but is not cleared right away. In this case, PayPal marks this payment as “pending”. Typically, this is the result of an e-check. The Discogs order page will also reflect this pending payment by updating the order status to Payment Pending. When the payment clears, Discogs will automatically update the order to “Payment Received”. We recommend that you don't ship the item until the payment is cleared. 
  • After the payment has been received, you can also update the order using the optional status “In Progress”. This will allow you to notify the buyer that you are preparing the order. To read more about this status, please visit What Do The Different Order Statuses Mean?
  • It may happen that an order arrives as Invoice Sent. If this has happened and your buyer is unable to send payment, please review the following help document: Why Am I Unable To Pay For My Order?
  • You can use the Print button to download and print a commercial receipt for the order that also includes tax information. Please know that sellers shipping internationally are advised to always include the commercial receipt on their packages. More information here.
  • Leave feedback for the buyer when they have completed their end of the transaction.

Note: We recommend order management and communication be handled via the My Orders page. Messages posted to the order page are sent to both the buyer's email address and Discogs Inbox.

Communicating via the order page also allows a single verifiable reference of what's happened with the order should you need our help.


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