I Just Received My First Order! Now, What Do I Do?

That went quite fast, right? We’re happy that orders start coming in and would like to share some tips for a smooth processing!

Whenever an order is placed, Discogs will send both the buyer and seller an email with the details of the order. Once that has happened, as a seller you should:

  • Go check the order to see if shipping costs need to be added manually. If your shipping is not calculated automatically, you must enter the shipping charge on the order page and then click the "Set Shipping Price and Invoice Buyer" button. This process can also be automised by using our “Automatic Shipping Policy” feature.
  • Use the order page to communicate with the buyer and discuss any questions you or the buyer might have.
  • Any communication and/or order status update should be handled within 4 days maximum. This is part of our Sales & Transaction Policy.
  • Use the green button below the order table to update the order status as needed.
  • If the shipping cost needs to be changed, you can click on the Edit button next to the amount and change it.


  • Remember that buyers will only be able to checkout for payment via the order page if the order status is on Invoice Sent. Please don’t use the Payment Pending status manually.
  • Leave feedback for the buyer when they have completed their end of the transaction.

Note: We recommend order management and communication be handled via the My Orders page. Messages posted to the order page are sent to both the buyer's email address and Discogs Inbox.

Communicating via the order page also allows a single verifiable reference of what's happened with the order should you need our help.


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