What Is The Minimum Order Total Feature?

Sellers have the option to automatically refuse orders from buyers if the subtotal of an order does not meet the minimum order total.

To set a Minimum Order Total:

  1. Go to the Seller Settings page.
  2. Enter a number in the Minimum Order Total box.
  3. Click "Save".

Example: If a Minimum Order Total of 10 Euro (€) is entered, any buyer with an order volume under €10 will see the following message in their cart "Your order subtotal is €xx EUR below the seller's minimum order requirement. Add more items from their shop to place your order."

Note: At the moment you can only set a Minimum Order Total for all countries.

Also, offers are not affected by the Minimum Order Total and can still be placed and accepted at a price below this. It is up to the seller to accept or not.


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