Add To Collection & Use The Collection Feature

Adding to your Collection is very easy, especially after reading our How To Search section above!

Once you know which release you have, within the search results you can use the overflow menu (three buttons at the right of the release) to see the following options: Add to Collection / Add to Wantlist.

After tapping Add to Collection, you will be asked to select the Folder you want this item to be added, once selected, the item will be added to your Collection.

You can also add to your Collection from the release page!

After accessing a release page, you will see two badges after the rating of the release:

Add to Collection  - Add to Wantlist

Tapping the button Add to Collection will add this release your Collection after you select the folder you want the item in. Your Collection notes will now show within the Release page. Tap on them to view and modify them, you can do the following actions:

  • Change the folder the item is in.
  • Add Condition, Media for the Vinyl, CD or whichever format you are adding, and Sleeve.
  • Add private Notes.
  • Remove the Release from your Collection by tapping the red Remove link.

You can also access your Collection by tapping on the Collection icon located on the top-right menu, in this menu, you can see the total of items of your Collection.

When viewing your Collection, you can search for a specific item using the Search Bar and typing the title, name or label of the release. You can view different Folders by tapping the Folder section on the top-left of the screen. You can sort the list by Title, Artist, Year, Format, Label, Catalog #, Date Added, Rating or Collection Field. You can also select your prefered layout by List View or Small, Medium or Large Covers.

If you want to remove an item from your Collection from your Collection list, simply tap the three buttons next to the release and select "Remove from Collection" and the item will be removed. In here you can also view individual information of that release like View Artist or View Label as well as Add the item to your Inventory or Move to another folder.

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