Why Are So Many Items In The Marketplace Greyed Out?

Why are so many items in the Marketplace greyed out?

If a seller does not have a complete shipping policy for a specific country/region, as a buyer, you won’t be able to purchase from them. All the listed items of the seller will be greyed out and you will see the message “Unavailable in …” next to the item:

On the main Marketplace page

On the seller’s store

On the item listing page

Is it possible to purchase from a seller even though their items are all greyed out?

You are welcome to contact the seller and ask if they are willing to ship to your country. You can contact the seller from the “Ships From:” window or directly from the item listing page:

From the “Ships From:” window

From the item listing page

The seller agreed to ship the item to me. What should the selling process look like from here on?

If a seller agrees to ship to your country, they should start adding complete Shipping Policies for the specific country. Once that is done, as a buyer, you will be able to place an order with the seller.

Should a seller ask to complete the sale outside of our Discogs Marketplace by simply exchanging addresses via the private message system, please remember that this is not allowed as per our Seller Policy. In case of problems with such an order, the Discogs Community Support Team is not able to provide any support. Furthermore, the violation of our Buyer or Seller Policy may lead to restrictions of an account.

Does the seller insist on concluding the sale outside of our system? Please let us know by filing a support request.


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