Why Are My Items Showing As "Unavailable" In The Marketplace?

Starting November 1, 2020, all sellers on Discogs are required to have complete Shipping Policies in order to be able to sell on the Marketplace.

As a seller, your Shipping Policies need to be complete for all regions/countries you wish to ship to.

If some or all of your Shipping Policies are incomplete, your items in the Marketplace will show as "Unavailable" to the buyer:

The system will also notify you about the incomplete policies using this red banner:

In order to make your items available to your buyers, please make sure to add complete Shipping Policies. The following documents will offer more detailed information on this topic:

Examples for specific countries can be found here:

Once the shipping policies for all the countries you wish to ship to are complete, buyers will be able to see the shipping cost and place an order with you.


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