Feedback Guidelines

In order for the feedback rating system to be as effective as possible, certain guidelines must be followed. The following help article outlines what sort of feedback is considered constructive, and what sort of feedback is considered unacceptable and against our guidelines.

Please remember the following when leaving feedback:

  • Use polite and courteous language - Remember that your message will be seen by people around the world! Clear, simple, and courteous language speaks loudest.
  • Focus on the order, not the person - Other users will find your feedback more useful if you describe the order: shipping, packaging and communication. Feedback that focuses too much on the user’s personality will be less useful to prospective buyers and sellers.
  • Wait until the order is concluded to leave feedback - Your new order is exciting, we know! You can leave more complete feedback, though, if you wait until the item has been delivered and inspected.
  • Accentuate the positive - Let the community know what went well!
  • Be precise - Your order was “awesome”, that’s great! But others will find the feedback more useful if it describes exactly what made you feel so great about the transaction.
  • Contact the other party if you have an issue - Unfortunately, not every order progresses perfectly. A package may take time to arrive at its destination, or it may not meet your expectations once you’ve received it, etc. In these situations, it’s important that you contact the other party first, to try and find a resolution. In most cases, they will be glad to assist and work together!


What type of feedback is acceptable at Discogs?

Feedback that focuses on the various aspects of the order is best. Feel free to mention the payment process, how quickly the item was shipped, how the item was packaged, etc. We consider the following to be “good examples” of feedback at Discogs:

Friendly communication and quick payment - thanks!

Quick shipping and smooth payment process! Record arrived as described.

Great communication with the seller. My item was packaged perfectly and arrived punctually.


What is considered unacceptable feedback at Discogs?

The following sorts of feedback are considered inappropriate and if brought to our attention, will likely result in a removal:

  • Feedback that uses profanity, slander or libelous and insulting language - We understand that a difficult order can be very upsetting. But feedback containing profanity, slander or crude/threatening language is not allowed and will be removed regardless of whatever else is stated in the feedback.
  • Feedback left just to attack the buyer or seller personally - We're sorry things didn't go well, but other community members won't appreciate a public argument. Stick to the facts. Name-calling, personal insults, or threats are not allowed. Feedback containing words such as "liar," "thief," “scam artist,” "bad person," etc, will be removed if reported to us.
  • Feedback with false or inaccurate information - Your review will likely be removed if it is used to give a false impression of buyer or seller actions on the order.
  • Feedback used to coerce or intimidate a buyer or seller into a specific action - Buyers and sellers are expected to follow Discogs policies. Using feedback as a way to force an action, especially one outside of Discogs policies is considered feedback abuse and will be met with staff action.
  • Feedback used to artificially boost ratings - Feedback is an important component to the integrity of the Discogs Marketplace. Asking friends or family to post incomplete orders to boost ratings is not tolerated, and may lead to account restrictions (this is known as shill feedback).
  • Feedback that is left before first trying to find a solution - As mentioned above, it is expected on Discogs that if you’ve encountered an issue, you will reach out to the other party to find a solution together. For example, negative feedback left on a seller asking where the package is, without first asking on the order page for a tracking number or shipping status. Both buyers and sellers should have the chance to find a solution first, before feedback is left.
  • Feedback left only to argue feedback received - Also known as retaliatory feedback. Feedback should describe the order process, and not be used as a way to counter attack the feedback received. If the feedback is seen as only a counter argument or a way to “get back” at the user for their feedback, it will be considered unconstructive and likely removed.
  • Sponsored feedback is not allowed - Parties to a transaction will only be allowed to leave feedback on the other party directly involved in the transaction (e.g., a seller leaving feedback on a buyer related to their transaction). Sponsored feedback (e.g. resulting from a monetary reward) is prohibited and will be removed upon notification.


Finally, please remember the following:

  • Feedback related to a disagreement between the buyer and seller about the condition of the items received (grading disagreements) will not be removed if not clearly violating any other guideline. Since Discogs staff do not have access to the physical item to review the media condition, we are unable to take sides or mediate these situations.
  • We realize that Discogs has a steep learning curve, and negative feedback can come as a result of that. For that reason, if feedback is reported to us and we are able to determine the following, it may be eligible for removal.
      • The order(s) was one of the user’s first;
      • The user understands their mistake;
      • The user has a positive feedback trend since that time.
  • Feedback that reveals private information (full name, contact information, and so on) will be removed if reported to us.
  • Feedback that includes links to third-party websites will also be removed.


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