Discogs Self-Serve Advertising Payment Policy

Effective Date: July 8, 2019

This policy sets out advertisers (“You” or “Your”) rights and responsibilities with respect to payments made for display advertising inventory on the Discogs Self-Serve Advertising platform serving the discogs.com website (“Discogs,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”). “Advertising Space” is defined as display advertising served to discogs.com via the Discogs Self-Serve Advertising platform and calculated at a cost per mille (CPM) noted as the amount You pay Discogs per one thousand advertising impressions delivered upon ads load on site. This policy is a legally binding contract between You and Discogs. You agree to the terms set forth in this policy when You purchase Advertising Space on Discogs. This policy is also a part of Discogs’ Terms of Service. By using any of Our Services, You are agreeing to the Terms of Service.


You are required to pay for Advertising Space via credit card.  Discogs reserves the right to add additional payment options in the future.

Third Party Payment Processors

Credit card payments require You to register with, and agree to the terms of, Our third party service provider, Adyen, who acts as payment processor on Our behalf. Adyen will be providing the service on Our behalf whereas, in the U.S. and outside of the EU, You will be contracting for this service directly with Zink Media, LLC (Discogs) (State of Oregon Domestic Business Corporation with registration number 724027-88), and in the EU, You will be contracting for this service directly with Discogs B.V. (Netherlands Chamber of Commerce registration number 63544962).

When You use payment processing services provided by Adyen, Your right to use such services is strictly confidential for the purpose You provide in the details of Your registration. You may not resell, hire, or on any other basis, allow third parties to use the payment services to enable such third parties to be paid for their services. You may not use the payment services for any different purpose than as registered with the provider. If We or the third party payment processor at any time discover that the information You provided about You or the purpose of Your use is incorrect or changed without informing Us or if You violate any of these conditions, the services may be suspended and/or terminated with immediate effect and fines may be applied by financial institutions, credit card companies, and/or the authorities for unregistered use of payment services which will in such case be payable by You. We will assist and support You in Your use of the payment processing service to be provided by the third party payment processor and We will provide You with first-line assistance with and enable You to connect to the systems of the third party payment processor to be able to use its services. For this purpose, You understand that You are instructing the third party payment processor to provide Us with access to Your data and settings in their systems, which are used by them to provide the services and authorize Us to manage these on Your behalf. While We may help facilitate such registration in some cases in connection with the payment processor with which We have partnered, We are not a party to any such relationships and disclaim any responsibility or liability for the performance by such third party. We may exchange information with the third-party service provider in order to facilitate the provision of Our services (and related third party services). Where such information consists of Personal Information (as defined in our Privacy Policy), it will only be shared in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Discogs Self-Serve Advertising Payments

Payments are made via credit card for the cost of each CPM and impression/targeting ordered (“Ad Campaign”) that is purchased via the Discogs Self-Serve Advertising platform. 

You acknowledge and agree that Discogs does not store credit card details. All credit card details are stored secured via our third party service provider, Adyen https://www.adyen.com/. We will charge the credit card directly when you pay for the Ad Campaign.

In the event an Ad Campaign is cancelled by Discogs, a refund will be made to the credit card used to make the initial payment. The refund will be calculated on the amount of impressions left for the Ad Campaign booked period.

In the event an Ad Campaign under-delivers purchased impressions booked by the advertiser, there will be a refund made to the credit card used for the initial payment. The refund is calculated by the CPM paid multiplied by the number of undelivered advertising impressions purchased for the specific campaign period.

You acknowledge and agree that Discogs will be held harmless from any and all refunds, claims, damages, liabilities, costs and fees (including reasonable legal fees) relating to the Ad Campaign lack of delivery, except as noted above regarding under-delivery of purchased impressions. In no event shall you hold Discogs responsible or liable for any non-delivery, delay or similar in Ad Campaigns, etc. For the sake of clarity this includes any claims related to loss of your business opportunities.


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