Apple Music On The iOS App

Are you as excited as us to be able to listen to your favourite tracks directly through the Discogs iOS App? Apple Music is making this possible!

Apple Music is a paid music streaming service and Discogs is happy to have started a partnership with them! 

  • If you already have an Apple Music account and are logged inyou can play full albums and tracks and control the playback on the iOS system.
  • If you aren’t logged in to your Apple Music account or don’t have one, you can listen to 30 seconds preview songs from the Master Release and Release pages. To get an Apple Music account, follow this link:  

How Does Apple Music Work On My iOS App?

The new Apple Music feature is to be found on Master pages and Release pages:

If there is a match on Apple Music (if the album or song is part of Apple Music), a play button will be shown next to the Collection/Wantlist information. If there is no match, it will simply not show anything.

To stop playing, simply tap on the stop button that is showing in place of the play button:

You can also go to the track list and songs. Tap on the different songs to start playing:


Can't get enough of your favourite songs? Let us know if you still have questions! 🎧


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