Why Are Some Items Blocked In The Discogs Marketplace?

Not all releases are eligible to be bought and sold in the Discogs Marketplace. From time to time, we are either legally required to block a release from sale, or we will block a release which violates our Offensive Marketplace Item Guide. Below, please find the reasons that items may be blocked from sale via the Discogs Marketplace:

  1. Copyright Infringement: Items are blocked from sale if they violate copyright laws and regulations. This includes counterfeit items, releases containing unlicensed tracks, and unauthorized bootlegs (live recordings), among other violations. Items may be blocked upon receipt of notices of copyright infringement from rights holders and authorized representatives of rights holders or based on internal automated or manual reviews.
  2. Unacceptable Content: Discogs is committed to remaining an open discography of all viable audio recordings. However, our policy is to block any releases from our marketplace that, through images and text on the release itself, are primarily created to incite violent hatred against groups of people based on areas such as their ethnic, cultural, religious or sexual identity, or with reference to physical or mental health. The decision to not allow the sale of specific releases is at our sole discretion.


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