What Is A Commercial Receipt And How Can I Use It?

What is the commercial receipt?

The commercial receipt is a breakdown of costs associated with an order, including taxes paid by the buyer. As of July 1, 2021, Discogs is involved in calculating Supply Of Goods tax for buyers located in various countries around the globe. For further information on those taxes and who they impact, please review our separate documentation, which we will link at the bottom of this article.

The commercial receipt, also sometimes referred to as a commercial invoice, is proof that the buyer has paid the appropriate taxes for the order. Many international customs agencies are looking for proof that tax has been paid on items arriving in their country. They may also look for our IOSS number, which will also appear on the commercial receipt. 

What is my responsibility as a seller?

As a seller, you must print and attach the commercial receipt to any package you send to a country where Supply of Goods tax is applicable. This is now a legal requirement that impacts sellers on all platforms, not just those on Discogs. As a best practice, we encourage our sellers to attach the commercial receipt to all international packages. Make sure that the commercial receipt is clearly visible so that the customs agency can review all required information. This will help your buyer avoid having to unnecessarily pay tax twice.

Many countries also require tax information (such as our IOSS number) to be submitted digitally upon purchase of the shipping label. Please remember that it is your responsibility as a seller to ensure that you have completed all requirements asked of you before sending your packages abroad. This is also outlined in our Seller Policy .

Where can I find the commercial receipt?

The commercial receipt can be accessed directly on the order page. Near the top of the page, click the Print button. This print page has been adjusted to include all information required by law when shipping abroad. Please see the screenshot below.

Please note that it’s currently only possible to print the commercial receipt via the desktop version of Discogs. This feature is not available in either the iOS or Android app.

For further information on taxes on Discogs, please review the following documents:

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