How To Ship An Order Internationally

Selling to international markets comes with extra requirements and responsibilities. The following document offers general guidance for steps you may need to take as a seller when shipping abroad. Please be sure to conduct your own research to ensure that you are following all rules and regulations as required of you.

Step 1: Package your item for international shipping

Assuming you have already received payment, your item is ready for shipment! Ensure that you have properly packaged your item for its long journey. We have an excellent blog post with images that gives guidance on how best to package your items. Please see here: A Guide To Shipping Vinyl Records.

Step 2: Purchase your shipping label

Shipping labels can be purchased either online or in person. Be sure to review the buyer’s address both on Discogs and via the payment method used for the order. On rare occasions, you may see two separate addresses. Always try to confirm the proper shipping address with your buyer. When they don’t respond, we advise you to use the address listed on the payment provider, as that will ensure you’re protected as a seller.

Remember, buyers and sellers who choose to use a shipping method without tracking or insurance agree to accept any risk of order non-delivery or damage.

As you purchase your shipping label, remember:

Step 3: Submit tax information

International tax laws have become more complex in the past few years. Many countries around the world now require digital submission of import tax information. This information is often submitted at the time of purchasing a shipping label. If it’s unclear to you if or where you need to digitally submit tax information, please contact your courier or postal service for further guidance

Postal services and customs agencies increasingly rely on digitally submitted tax information to verify that tax has been paid, especially tax charged by marketplace facilitators like Discogs. Without this digital information, they may charge VAT to the buyer again, or hold the shipment until the buyer is able to prove that the appropriate tax has already been paid.

For more detailed information, including a table that shows the specific information required for tax regions around the world, please review our blog post: Everything Sellers Need to Know About International Shipping

Step 4: Print and attach the commercial receipt

On top of the tax information you may need to submit digitally, it’s also advised that you print and attach the commercial receipt. This is a detailed invoice that shows the cost of the item sold, the taxes associated with the order, and Discogs’ tax number for the region you’re shipping to. This is all pertinent information which customs agencies may wish to see upon import. Make sure that the commercial receipt is clearly visible so that the customs agency can review all required information.

For more information on the commercial receipt and how you’re required to use it, please review our separate help document: What Is A Commercial Receipt And How Am I Required To Use It?.

Step 5: Send your package!

You’ve packed your item? Purchased a shipping label and submitted the necessary tax information? Attached the commercial receipt? Then you’re good to go! 

Finally, for more tips on selling on Discogs, please review these help documents:

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