Why Am I Unable To Pay For My Order?

From time to time, a buyer may encounter an issue with the checkout process. As always, our Community Support Team is available to assist you, but you can also try to troubleshoot the issue on your own. Here are a few initial steps you can take before contacting us.


Check to make sure your shipping address is accurate. In many cases, it may be that the address in your Buyer Settings is incomplete or incorrect. For US buyers, is important to check and make sure that the “Region/State'' section is filled out. While it’s listed as optional, leaving it blank can cause errors when attempting to send payment.

Note: Updating the address in your settings does not update the address on existing orders. As such, sellers will need to cancel the order as Item Unavailable and re-list the item for sale. Buyers will then need to place the order once more.


Check to make sure that your PayPal information is correctly written in your Discogs settings. It’s worthwhile to review your Payment Information in your Seller Settings. Spelling errors in your email address can result in failed payment attempts for your buyer. 

Ensure your PayPal account is properly set up. If you are receiving an error message that your Seller Settings are incomplete, but you are sure that everything is filled out, we would advise you to check your PayPal account settings. Specifically, you should ensure that your email address is confirmed in your account.

Unlink then reconnect your PayPal account. In some cases, buyers are unable to send payment because the seller’s PayPal account is not properly linked to Discogs. This is often caused by a failed or incomplete onboarding process. 

Go to your Seller Settings, scroll to your Payment Information, and below your PayPal email address click the blue “Unlink account” link. Afterwards, you can then scroll to the same section and onboard again by clicking “Connect to PayPal”.

For Buyers & Sellers:

If you encounter a problem with sending payment, please do not send payment off Discogs. This is considered fee avoidance and is a violation of our Buyer Policy. We suggest that you first troubleshoot the issue with the methods above. If that doesn’t work, please contact our Community Support Team via the link below.


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