Why Can’t I Find My Order?

It may happen that you can’t find an order or a purchase. In this document, we will explain why it can happen and how you can solve it. 

If you are a seller and you are searching for an order from your Orders page and it’s not on the list, you will need to check if this order has been archived. The Archived option allows you to remove orders from the list, for example old or shipped orders, so you can easily manage the orders that are still pending. 

To check the archived orders, you will need to click on the Archived menu on top of the page and select “Archived”. This option will display all the Archived orders that don’t appear in the Orders list.



You can also use the All option to display all orders together. 

If you are a buyer, you can go in your Purchases page and you can use the Archived option as mentioned above: 



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