How Can I Apply A Discount To My Items?

There are several ways to adjust the prices of items in your inventory. All price adjustments must be made before an order is created. Once an order has been created and paid for, the only way to apply a discount is by issuing a partial refund.

Entire inventory discount

The easiest way to apply a bulk discount is from the bottom of the Inventory page. Here you will see a small section titled “With entire inventory.” Select “Show actions” to expand this section.

Prices can be increased or decreased by a specific percentage or amount. This action will update all items in your inventory that aren’t in Sold status. 

Once you’ve entered your desired action, select the “Run bulk actions” button below. This action will take a few seconds, depending on the amount of items you have in your inventory.

Remember that if you have adjusted your prices by a percentage, and if you want to go back to the original price, you will need to recalculate the correct % to apply. For example, if the original price is $100 and you provide a 15% discount, the new price will be $85. To bring it back to $100, you will need to apply a 17.65% increase (100 / 85 = 1.1765).

Multiple select items

If you don’t wish to adjust your entire inventory, but rather multiple specific items, the easiest way would be to use the Bulk upload feature. You can export your inventory as a CSV (text) file, manually edit each item price and upload your inventory file back to your account. If you are new to the feature, please save the original exported CSV file separately as a backup. You can view How Do I Use The Bulk Upload Feature? for more information. 

Alternatively, you could describe any specific discount or promotion you’re offering in your Seller Terms or Profile description. This helps buyers know about your discount offers before an order is placed. Note, however, that the buyer should contact you before placing the order, so that you can make the proper price adjustment. As mentioned, once a buyer has placed an order, the only way to offer a discount is via a (partial) refund.


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