How To Log In To VinylHub

If you have a Discogs account, you can easily log into VinylHub with the same credentials. When you land on VinylHub, click Log In/Register in the top right navigation bar.

You’ll be prompted to log into your Discogs account, or if you’re already logged in on Discogs, you’ll be automatically signed in.

If you get an error message ‘Permission Denied’ when you try to log in to VinylHub, it may be due to an issue with your Discogs account. Check that you don’t have any outstanding invoices or holds on your account. Any issue with your Discogs account will first need to be resolved. Once that's taken care of, try logging out of VinylHub and back in again.

The following help document might offer additional help to understand the issues: Suspension Guide.

If you’re still having trouble or you can’t see anything amiss with your Discogs account, please contact us and we’ll look into it for you!


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