How To Keep Track Of Record Stores Of Interest

Keep a record (no pun intended) of all the shops you've been to and the places you love! It's a great reminder of your record store adventures - you might be surprised at how many stores you've been to once you start counting. You can keep track of the stores you visited or you want to visit and you can share these lists.

Keep Track Of Record Stores You've Visited

Search for stores you've visited in the database and click the 'Not Visited' button in the right-hand column to add to your Visited list:

If a store you've been to isn't in the database yet, please add it to ensure it's saved securely in our archive.

You can marvel at the record stores you've visited at any time by clicking on your username in the top right and selecting ‘Visited’:

You can also find it from the right column of your profile page:

Note: It's not possible to contact the record store you're looking at directly through VinylHub.

Your best bet is to message them via Facebook, which is often linked from their VinylHub profile page, or through their website.

Keep Track Of Record Stores You Want To Visit

Whether you're going traveling or keeping it local, never be unsure of where to go by keeping track of all the record stores you want to visit.

Browse the area you want to go record shopping. When you find a store that looks appealing, you can save it to your to Visit list by clicking on the 'Want To Visit' button on the right:

Check out the record stores you Want To Visit any time from the drop-menu from your username in the top-right. Don't forget to add them to your list of Visited stores as you get to them.

Share Your 'Visited' And 'Want To Visit' Lists

To make your Visited and Want To Visit lists public, go to your profile page from the drop-menu under your username, then Settings in the left column:

Check the boxes next to lists you’d like to be made public (you can also share your Following list). Save Settings:

Now, whether you share the link on social media or send directly to a friend, anyone with the URL will be able to see which record stores you've visited and want to visit!


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