How To Get Your Record Store On The VinylHub Map

To get your record store displayed on the map, you will need to create a database submission. Please see details in 'How To Add A Record Shop To VinylHub'.

Once you've added the store, please allow around 5 hours for your store to show up on the map from the time you enter your record store into the database. If you still don't see the store you've added on the map after the given amount of time, please contact our support team.

What To Do If Your Record Store Is Displaying In The Wrong Place On The Map

VinylHub uses a Google integration to show stores in the database on a map. As Google controls how map data is displayed, unfortunately, we’re not able to make any changes to the map.

  • If your record store is showing up in the wrong place on the map (and you’ve double-checked the address is written correctly in the database), it’s likely that this is because that’s how Google is interpreting the address. If your store is in a small town or village, Google may default to the region, or any slightly bigger adjacent town or village.
  • Even if it looks like your store is in a different area on the map, when a user is on your record store’s profile page and clicks ‘Get Directions’ under the map on the left side, it will still give the correct instructions to the given address, so customers should still be able to find your record store without any trouble.

Please note that, if you’re not satisfied with how your record store is displaying on the map, you’ll need to contact Google to make a correction. Instructions from Google on how to report an error on the map.


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