Link Your VinylHub And Discogs Profiles

If you're a record store owner with your shop on VinylHub, and you're also selling records on Discogs, make sure you link your two profiles!

Remember that by linking to your Discogs inventory from your VinylHub shop page, customers who find your store on VinylHub will immediately know if you stock a particular record, CD, or cassette. This could give your store a competitive edge over a store whose inventory is less accessible, and make your store more discoverable online:


Get the link for your Inventory from your seller profile on Discogs (go to the Marketplace tab on Discogs, and click 'My Store' in the right-column). Copy the page URL.

Find your shop's page on VinylHub and click 'Edit this Shop'. Scroll to the bottom of the form to the Link field and paste it in this section:

Ensure all the rest of the info on the page about your shop is up to date, or make changes where needed. Add your submission notes in the box on the right, then Submit.

There’s no specific place on your Discogs profile to link to your VinylHub page, but you can add a link in your Discogs bio to let your customers know you have a brick-and-mortar store in case they’d like to drop in and dig in person.

Ensure your Discogs inventory is up to date

Manage your Discogs inventory from the seller dashboard. Go to the Marketplace drop-down at the top of any Discogs page, click ‘Inventory’ in the right column:


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