How To Report Abusive Behaviour

It may happen that you have an unpleasant interaction with another user and you need help. In this document, we will show the most common situation in which you may need to report a user and which tool you can use.


Conflict on an order can be very upsetting, and we understand the emotional impact this process can have. The following scenarios are the most common situations where  you may need to report a user: 

  • A buyer or seller is abusive (using profanity, issuing threats, attempting to intimidate you into violating policies or sending private messages through Discogs that are also abusive). In this case, please contact us. Our staff will take over from there, review all communication thoroughly and take any appropriate action following review. 
  • A user has not followed our Buyer and Seller Policy or our Terms of Service policy. Please contact us if this is the case.
  • You have placed an order and are concerned about a refund after payment. You should contact your payment provider (PayPal, credit card company, etc) right away to discuss their refund and protection policies.
  • The seller is not responding. You can use the “seller not responding” feature explained in the document Seller Not Responding & Buyer Awaiting Response
  • In case of disputes (grading, lost orders, missing items, wrong items), we encourage you to find a solution with the seller. If you still need help please, contact us.
  • You received a suspicious private message that could be spam. In this scenario, you can use the Mark as Spam option. For more information please visit How Does The Discogs Private Message System Work?


You may need to report a user that is violating our Community Guidelines. The following scenarios represent the most common situations you may encounter: 

  • A user is posting spam messages in the community Forums or Groups. Please report them by posting a message in this thread.
  • You are having an unpleasant interaction with a user. Please contact us and we will evaluate all the interactions and take further actions.
  • You’ve uncovered a “spam” release in the Database. In this case, please use the "Report" option in the release page itself.
  • A comment or a review is violating our guidelines. Please use the "Report" option on the right side of the comment.  

We ban accounts only as a matter of last resort, or in extreme cases. In most cases, we start by warning users of violations of policy and other issues, then providing guidance aimed at peaceful and mutually beneficial resolution. 


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