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When browsing the Discogs Database, the main pages you will encounter are Artist, Label, and Release pages.

The term Release is a broad term used for any audio product that is made for general public consumption. When a record is added to the Database, it becomes a Release page. You can see an example of the Release page here

A Master Release page is a display function that gathers two or more matching releases together. It can be thought of as a folder that holds two or more Discogs releases. Here an example of a Master Release. 

In this document, we will provide a small guide for Master Release and Release pages, explaining what’s included and how you can use them. 

Release Information And Contribution

All of the information listed on both the Master Release and Release pages was entered by a user. If you come across information that should be changed or updated, you can do so by using the Edit Release button on the right side of either page:

In both cases, you will be taken to the Edit History page, where you can find a history of all edits made, and make any necessary changes. 

Before contributing to the Discogs Database, we recommend that you review the Database & Contributing section of our Help Center. Here you will find our submission guidelines and our starting out guide for new users. 

Some examples of information you can find on a Release page include:

  • Track listing, where all the details regarding the individual tracks is listed; 
  • Credits, official album credits as outlined on the album itself;
  • Notes, factual, objective notes about the release;
  • Versions, a list of all versions of the release that can be filtered by Format, Label & Companies, Country and Year. You can add specific versions to your Wantlist here;
  • Recommendations, a list of suggested records;
  • Reviews, comments left by users.


Add to Collection and Wantlist

Only on the Release page will you find the two buttons that allow you to add the Release to your Collection or Wantlist:

For more information on the Collection and Wantlist, please visit How Does The Collection Feature Work? and  How Does The Wantlist Feature Work?.

Buy and Sell options

On the right side of a Release page, you will see the “Shop Now” and “Sell a copy” buttons:

If you select “Show Now”, you will be redirected to the Discogs Marketplace where you can find all of the listed items for sale for this release. From here, you can add a copy to your cart and proceed with the checkout process or, if necessary, contact the seller. You can read more about the buying process in our How To Buy Music On Discogs help document.

If you select “Sell a copy” from a Master Release page, you will be asked to confirm the exact version you want to sell.

Once you find the correct version in your possession, select “Sell This Version”. You will then be asked to describe the condition of the item and set a price and the shipping.

If you are already on a specific Release page, you will be taken directly to the selling page. 

For more information about selling an item, please visit the Selling section of our Help Center.

Under the Buy and Sell buttons, you will find the Statistics section. This shares details on the number of users that have and want the records, its rating and sales statistics.

Apple Music Audio Player

One of the great features available on the Master Release page is the possibility to listen to a preview of the record. The Apple Music Player allows you to listen to 30-second previews of albums in our Database that are also available on Apple Music. For those with an Apple Music subscription, you can log in and enjoy the entire song.


In this section you will find videos related to the release. 

Note: It is not possible to add videos directly to a Master release page. In order to add videos to a specific release, please remember that you will need to be on a Release page.  

For more information about how to add a video, please visit How To Add YouTube Videos To Release And Artist Pages


When you open this section you will see all the public lists where the release has been added. You can also click on the Add to List link to add the release to one of your lists.

For more information about Lists, please visit How To Make A List.


This section is only visible on the Release page and it gives you a list of users that contributed to the edits. You can click on each username to see their profile page and contact them.

Report suspicious activity

This option allows you to report the release. If you believe that this release is spam or violates our Offensive Marketplace Item Guide, please report it to us. We will examine your request and take further actions if necessary. You can read more about this in our two articles How To Report Abusive Behaviour and How To Report Spam To Discogs.

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