Discogs App FAQ

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Where can I find the Discogs App?

How can I offer feedback or make feature requests?

We would love to hear your feedback or suggestion! We ask that you present your ideas here:

We will read each and every response submitted and use community responses to guide development. 

How do I report an App bug or issue? 

Whoops, we hope there aren't too many, but if you notice any app issues, please report them in the iOS App Forum or the Android App Forum. That way we can be sure that the issue is investigated by our development team. Thanks! 

How can I contact Discogs staff about the Discogs App?

We hope to channel most support to the App Forum. Our staff will be actively monitoring this forum and that's how you will receive the quickest response from staff, as well as further assistance and insight from other community members. 

However you are also welcome to connect with the App Team via email: app@discogs.com

Where can I find the Discogs App Privacy Policy?

Please review our Discogs App Privacy Policy. 

Ugh, why doesn't the Discogs App (fill in the blank)?!?

We are just getting started! Our App, just like our site, will be built around what our community wants. Discogs is a collaborative effort that wouldn't be possible without a community of music obsessives focused on a common goal! We are committed to Community, Teamwork, Music, Open Source, and Continuous Improvement.

We will be taking your feedback and continuously adding to and improving the Discogs app. Please provide iOS feedback via the iOS App Survey. If you have feedback about the Android app, please provide feedback via the Android App Survey. 

Does the Discogs App have a barcode scanner?

Yes! The Discogs App has a barcode scanner integrated, so you can easily lookup records in the Discogs Database simply by scanning a release barcode. 

Is it possible to place an order from the Discogs App? 

The Discogs Android app has a partial Marketplace Integration. Buyers can place orders within the app, communicate with sellers, and check their purchase history. There are certain marketplace features that aren't yet fully integrated: making an offer and leaving feedback will still redirect you to the mobile website for example. We'll be adding more improvements to the Android App's Buying and Selling integration in the coming months. 

The Discogs iOS App doesn’t yet support in-app purchases, but it’s currently a smooth transition from the app to our mobile site. The Discogs Marketplace features responsive web design so it’s easy to complete marketplace activities from your mobile device. We'll be integrating more of the marketplace into the iOS app in the coming year!


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