Programa vendedor platino - Términos de servicio

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To be eligible for the Platinum Sellers Program, a user must:

  • Be a registered Discogs user with a Verified PayPal account entered in their Seller Settings.
  • Agree to our general Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • Have an active Discogs account that has not been suspended in the past 30 days due to one or more overdue sales fee invoices or violations of Discogs rules and guidelines.
  • Initial eligibility granted based on having a Discogs-projected annual gross sales of €50,000 or more.
  • Starting Jan. 1, 2018, have rolling annual gross sales of €50,000 or more. Eligibility is assessed 4x/year following the end of each calendar quarter. Eligibility in the program is maintained unless a seller has 4 consecutive quarters where rolling year gross sales are under €50,000.
  • Have a Discogs seller feedback rating of 98% or higher.
  • Have a Discogs order cancellation rate of no more than 10% per business quarter. Orders cancellation rate includes all orders within a business quarter that have been updated to Cancelled status due to seller, buyer or Discogs action.

Discogs reserves the right to revoke a seller’s membership in the Platinum Seller Program if the seller fails to continually meet the above criteria following enrollment in the program.

Notification of eligibility or termination of eligibility will be sent electronically to the email address entered in the user’s Discogs Settings.


Members of the Platinum Seller Program may receive:

  • Escalated support from a Discogs Support Coordinator.

Benefits are subject to change and availability. 


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