Empleados, contratistas y solicitantes de empleo de California

En vigor desde el 1 de Enero 2023

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The following information is provided to You pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, as amended.  We may collect the following information from job applicants, independent contractors and employees:  

Category of Information


Source of Information


Information Shared With

Identity and Contact Information


Identifiers such as a real name, alias, username, address, email address, Social Security Number, beneficiary information, or other similar identifiers, information submitted with an employment or benefits application


To consider Your employment with Us or provide benefits and comply with legal obligations if already employed


Job application information is not shared - internal use only); Employee benefit information is shared with benefits providers and regulators, as applicable

Professional Information


Prior work and other related information provided to Us if You apply for a job with Us


To consider Your employment with Us

Not shared (internal use only)

Educational Information


Education information provided to Us if You apply for a job with Us


To consider Your employment with Us

Not shared (internal use only)

Background Check Reports


Educational and employment checks in accordance with applicable law.  This may include information on criminal offenses (if applicable).


Third parties, including prior employers and educational institutions

To consider Your employment with Us

Not shared (internal use only)

Compensation Information


Details of salary, bank account details, tax status, income tax and other records relating to time off and other leave, and working time records



To ensure invoices/ payroll are made on time

Payment information shared with financial institutions for execution of pay

Performance Information

Reviews of Your work originating from You, Your manager

You, third parties


To ensure the job description or contract terms are being fulfilled


Not shared (internal use only)

Protected classification characteristics under California or Federal law


Including, but not limited to, age, race, marital status, nationality, citizenship, gender, religion or creed


You (*optional)

To comply with applicable State and Federal laws

Government agencies


We do not “sell” (as defined by the California Consumer Privacy Act) any information that we collect directly from You. We only “share” information provided by You for purposes directly related to Our business relationship with You, such as providing payment or other benefits.

General information about our privacy practices can be found online at https://support.discogs.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009334513-Privacy-Policy. A more detailed employee specific privacy policy is available for review upon an employment offer from Us. Please check back often for updates to this disclosure.


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