Comment créer une liste?

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The Lists feature can be used for things like: "Top 10 albums of 1970" or "Labels I Collect". Lists can also be used as a way to track new releases and submissions to an artist page.

To create a list, go to a release, artist, or label page that you want to include in your list, and click Add To List, which you’ll find either on the right-hand side or at the bottom of the page.

You can also find this link in the drop-down menu in the release lists on Artist, Label, and Master Release pages:


You'll have the option to create a new list, or add it to an existing list. Comments on the item and list description are optional, but you are required to have a list title:

You can view and edit your lists by going to and clicking on the 'Lists' tab. Clicking on the title of the list will open up the list. There are instructions on that page for how to edit the list. Here you can also select to be notified of any new submissions related to this list.

A list is created as a 'private' list, only viewable by yourself. You can switch a list to public view by clicking on the "This list is private / public". Public lists will get mentioned on the related pages, and in your user profile, as well as potentially on other areas on the site.

Sale, trade, or swap-type lists are not appropriate use of publicly viewable lists. Public lists that promote third-party websites, especially those which engage in illegal activities, may be considered a violation of our site policies. Abusive, derogatory, or overly negative (without reasonable qualification) list titles or content is also not appropriate. Such lists may be deleted from the site without notice.


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