Où puis-je voir les frais de livraison?

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Seller Terms help make it clear what the seller’s policies are, and approximately how much shipping will cost. 

Sellers are expected to provide clear shipping information, which is to be placed within these Seller Terms. Buyers should be able to see, in advance, exactly what shipping costs they will be paying, regardless of the item or shipping method, on top of the purchase price. This is part of our Sales & Transactions Policy.  

Where can buyers find Seller Terms?

Buyers can find this information in the following places:

It can appear directly below the item price.



Or you can find it by clicking on the "View Shipping and Payment Information" button for the item for sale.  This will direct you to the bottom of an individual sales listing where the Seller's Terms are listed.


Sellers are required to provide clear and detailed information on the actual shipping prices here. This means the prices for the various shipping methods a seller offers to all the countries they ship to. 


What if a seller doesn’t have Seller Terms?

If you are a buyer and have found an item from a seller who does not have Seller Terms, please contact the seller directly to ask them for a quote on shipping costs. This can be done from their profile page, by clicking the blue “Send a message” button.


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