Comment ajouter à votre collection sur iOS

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Adding to your Collection is very easy, especially if you know how to search for your items in a few clicks. You can find out more about it in the How To Search document.

On the iOS App, it's really easy to add to your Collection. There are two options:

- From the Master release page:

On the Master release page you will see two buttons with the Collection and Wantlist icons. When you tap on the Collection button, a dropdown menu will open from where you can add the original, the most recent one or chose another version.

  • If you tap "Other version", all versions will be displayed so that you can find yours and add it to your Collection from the release page.


- From a the release page:

  • Make sure to know which exact release you have from the list of releases. On the release page, you will see two badges at the bottom:

    Add To Wantlist  - Add To Collection


  • After tapping the Collection icon, you will be prompted to add any information about the item (such as Folder, Media condition etc). Tap on Save to add the item to your Collection:

  • You will also see the Collection notes within the Release page. Within these notes you can do the following actions:

    • Rate the item by giving it 1 to 5 stars.
    • Add Condition, Media for Vinyl, CD or whichever format you are adding, and Sleeve (previously created on the browser or desktop version).
    • Add private Notes.
    • Add the item to a specific folder (previously created on the browser or desktop version).
    • Remove the Release from your Collection by tapping the red "Remove" link.
    • Add another copy to your Collection.

Note: Collection Fields can be only added on the browser or Desktop site.

Only once these have been added to your Collection, then you can use them on the App



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