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Are you as excited as us to be able to listen to your favourite tracks directly through the Discogs Android App? Apple Music is making this possible!

Apple Music is a paid music streaming service and Discogs is happy to have started a partnership with them! 

  • If you already have an Apple Music account, you will be able to listen to full tracks if you are logged into your Apple Music account already.
  • If you aren't logged in to your Apple Music account or don't have one, you will be able to hear 30 seconds of a song. To get an Apple Music account, follow this link: 

How Does Apple Music Work On My Android App?

The new Apple Music feature is to be found on Master and Release pages: The feature will look for a match on Apple Music (if the album or song is part of Apple Music) and will show a loading circle next to the artist and title name of the page:

If the match exists, the Discogs App will show a play button in that same location. If it doesn’t, it will simply not show.

When playing, it will show as a stop button and if you click that it will also dismiss it:


You can also go to the track list and songs. The ones that match with Apple Music will show a grey play icon (if there is no match with a song, there will be no icon):

The Minimised and Maximised Versions Of The Music Player

When you press play on the top Play button, the whole album will start to play and a minimised player will show at the bottom of the screen. This minimised player will show the artist's name, song title and album cover on the left and back, pause/play and forward buttons.

  • You can control the player via these buttons to simply listen to music but you can also maximise your player by tapping or dragging it up from the bottom bar or the artwork.

The maximised player will show you the artwork of the album, song title that is currently playing and the name of the artist. The same back, pause/play and forward buttons are located underneath the artist name. A time bar which shows the time played and the full time of the track represented with an interactive bar that you can drag to skip or rewind any part of the song.

Additional Features In The Time Bar: Playlist, Repeat & Random

There are other buttons, such as playlist and an overflow menu right under the time bar:

  • From the track list icon you can add songs to a playlist to create your own playlists on Apple Music;
  • The overflow menu will allow you to share the track, show release or master pages (depending on what you are playing) and Scrobble in

A small section will show the number of tracks that will be played next on the left and repeat and random buttons on the right.

The next section of the maximise player will show you the track list with each time duration and the song that is currently playing will be represented with an equaliser icon in motion. You can tap on each song to play or tap on the current song to pause.

You can also swipe left to view another page of the track list to know what is going to play next (in case that you are adding other songs to the playlist or if you have selected shuffle, it will show the correct order) and swipe one more time to the left to view album notes from Apple Music.

  • If you are logged into your Apple Music account, you can leave the Discogs App (without closing it) and you will be able to still hear the music and control it from your notification centre and blocked screen. You can dismiss the player by pressing the X on the top right corner or dragging down.
  • If you are logged out Apple Music, you will see an Apple Music description and an Apple Music button to sign up or log in. This button will redirect you to the Apple Music App if installed on your device or to download it if you don’t have it. 

Can't get enough of your favourite songs? Let us know if you still have questions! 🎧


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