Comment fonctionne la Collection sur iOS

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There are multiple features that can be used in your collection and we would like to explain them in detail to you: 

Accessing your Collection: 

  • You can access your Collection by tapping on the Collection icon located at the bottom of the screen or from the top-right menu by tapping Collection:

Searching in your collection:

  • When viewing your Collection, you can search for a specific item by using the search bar and typing the title, name or label of the release.
  • You can view different folders by tapping on the Folder section on the top-left of the screen:

  • To see more information of an item, tap on a specific release in your Collection: Here you can view individual information of that release, for example the artist page or label page.

Sorting your Collection:

  • You can sort the list by Artist, Title, Year, Added, Label, Format and Catalog #, or filter by Format.

Modifying your Collection notes:

  • You can access the Collection notes directly after adding an item to your Collection or by clicking on the item in your collection: Add any information about the item you would like and hit Save.

  • If you would like to change existing notes, from the item in your Collection tap on Edit to start editing tap on Save to update:


  • In your Collection notes you can modify the following:

- Add Condition, Media for Vinyl, CD or whichever format you are adding, and Sleeve.

- Add private Notes.

- Add the item to a specific folder (previously created on the browser or desktop version).

- Remove the Release from your Collection by tapping the red "Remove" link.

- Add another copy to your Collection.

Random Item

Are you looking for suggestions on what to listen to next? Shake your phone and the system will pick a random item for you!

Removing a release from your Collection

  • To remove an item from your Collection, simply swipe all the way to the left on the specific release and the item will be removed.

Sharing your Collection

You can share your Collection with your friends! In order to do so, you need to open your Collection, click on the menu on the top right corner, choose ‘Share collection’  and choose the way you want to share it. 

the image describes the Collection menu on the top right corner and the share option
Note: The Collection must be public to be shared. In order to change this setting, please go to Settings and click on Privacy. You will be redirected to the desktop version. Once you log in, you can access the Privacy panel where you can choose the option “Allow others to browse my collection”.


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