Consigli per un acquisto sicuro

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This is a compilation of some common-sense tips that will help to make your online buying experience much safer and more enjoyable. 

First, some general tips for buying online:

  • If a seller has feedback, review it and the comments left by other buyers before ordering.
  • If a seller doesn't have feedback, ask for references and proof that they have the item(s) they're selling.
  • Always use a method of payment that offers payment protection (e.g., PayPal, Credit Card, etc.). 

Be sure to provide the seller with your correct address.

If you are paying via PayPal or another online payments system, please check to make sure that address is also up-to-date.

Always communicate via the Discogs order page and request that the other party do so as well.

In the event that there's a problem with an order we'll need to reference the communication on the order page in order to help. If a seller provides payment details, outside of Discogs, and the details don't match what they've entered on the site there is an increased risk for the buyer. 

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

If you've come across a new seller that's offering something for a fraction of what it would normally sell for, exercise caution before sending them your money. Items that sell for $200 aren't typically sold for $20. 

Don't assume every item is in mint condition.

If you have certain expectations with the grading of an item, first check the sellers feedback for any comments regarding grading issues, and then take the time to ask about their grading practices before purchasing. 

Communicate often.

Nothing upsets people more than to deal with someone who never contacts them, and nothing pleases them more than to deal with someone who does. If the person you're trading with sends you a message, respond to their message promptly, and always keep them updated on the status of payment/shipment. 

Be patient.

Sometimes the mail is fast, sometimes it's slow. If the person you're buying from is in another country, expect that the order may take considerably longer. Good communication via the order page is the best way to handle most concerns.

Leave appropriate feedback.

Although leaving feedback is optional, be it positive, negative or neutral, leaving feedback allows others in the Marketplace to benefit from your experience. It's recommended that you first communicate with the other party regarding any negative experience, before leaving negative feedback.


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