Linee guida del Database 21. Contributor Improvement

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How The CIP Works

21.1.1. The Contributor Improvement Program (shortened to CIP) puts a submission limit on users who get too many votes that show inconsistencies (for example, 'Needs Major Changes' or 'Entirely Incorrect'). The goal is to give these users tools to improve their submissions, and at the same time protect the Database from incorrect submissions. The CIP should not be seen as a negative thing in itself, or a bad mark against the user. It is quite common for new users, who may simply need to brush up on general guidelines, to find themselves in the CIP. The CIP can also be useful to spot people who are perhaps abusing the Database.

21.1.2. The CIP considers a user’s voting practices, quality submissions and adherence to the guidelines. Once on the CIP, the user will be limited to a total of three contributions waiting for votes at any one time. If the user has more than three contributions currently waiting for votes at the time they are placed on the CIP, these will remain in the Database. Users on the CIP will not be able to submit any more until they are voted on. Users on the CIP are still able to edit all their pending submissions that have not been voted on. A user on the CIP will be encouraged to make quality submissions and receive votes on them ('Correct', for example) to exit the program.

Getting Off The CIP

21.2. A good plan to get off the CIP is to:

  • Check your past contributions and note the comments and votes placed on them. Note any mistakes made that others have commented or voted on.
  • Review and try to improve any remaining submissions you have made, in order to make them correct. If this isn't possible, you can also make new contributions up to the limit of three at a time.
  • You can request votes in this thread in the Voting & Checking Information ForumYou can ping the user who voted on your submission by writing: [u=username]. Calling the voter into the conversation may help clarify where your submissions need changes. Alternatively, you can also message the user directly (if they allow direct messages).

The system assigns a color code to all your submissions. You can see that from your profile by clicking the "Contributed" tab.

The color codes in the Database are used to identify the status of a submission:

  • Yellow means the submission has not yet been voted on.
  • Red means the submission has been voted on and needs changes.
  • No Color means the submission has been voted completely correct- all information in the submission is correct.
  • Grey means that a submission which has been voted completely correct has been edited afterwards.

You can use the overview on your profile to quickly find submissions that need corrections or votes.

Asking For Help

21.3. Please post a request for help in the Database Forum if you need help. Note that you should have tried your best to help yourself first, by reading the Submission Guidelines. If you don’t receive the responses you need, call the voter to the conversation by pinging them into the conversation. This can be done by writing: [u=theirusername]

Helping Users On The CIP

21.4. Voters and other contributors are welcome to 'coach' users who are listed on the CIP in order to help them get their submissions straight, understand the guidelines and exit the program. Leaving comments on a CIP user’s submissions, and / or privately messaging that submitter may help the individual in the CIP better understand the Database system.

We Want You To Be The Best Submitter You Can Be!

We value all the efforts our community make to help form the Database into the wealth of information it is. The CIP has proven to be a very successful tool for even the most seasoned submitters! If you find yourself in the program it means we see the potential in your submissions, and are keen to work with you to make your contributions as accurate as possible.


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