Linee guida del Database 14. Aggiornare informazioni

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Updating Release Information

14.1.1. The information in the Discogs Database can be updated at any time, by any logged in user. To update release information, go to the Release page (for example, and use the Edit Release link on the top right of the page:

This will take you to the history page (for example,, where you'll find the Edit Release link:

This link will open up the Submission Form, populated with the current release data. You can then edit the data, explain your edit in the Submission Notes and submit your edit to the Database.

Please make sure to read the history before you edit - there may be information that is relevant to your update there .

The guidelines are the same as for adding a new release.

14.1.2. If you want to do the same type of edit over many releases, post a message in the Database Forum stating your intentions. This will ensure your updates are acceptable before you do them, and it help you get votes faster. Link to the discussion on each of your edits, so other voters can read what is discussed.

14.1.3. Even if it seems obvious, always try to explain your update fully, using the Submission Notes. This will always be appreciated by other users, and is vital when we need to look back over the submission data's history.

14.1.4. Valid information should never be removed from a submission. If there is valid information in the wrong field, it should be moved to the correct field, not deleted.

Viewing The Release History

14.2. You can see the whole history of edits done to the release on the history page. You can find the link to this page from the main Release page, the Edit Release link is on the top right of the page.

On the history page, you will see an entry for every previous action (oldest at the top to newest at the bottom). On each line, you will see a user name, their action (if there was one, for example, "Submit Release"), their comments, the date when the action happened, and finally, three links: ViewChanges and Revert.

  • Using the View link, you can see the information as it was at that period in the release data's history.
  • The Changes link will show you two versions of the release data side by side.
  • The Revert link will allow you to revert (roll back) the release data to a previous version. This option can be used to undo changes. It will load the selected version of the release data into the Edit Release form, where you can submit it (you can make changes as well). As always, please be sure to explain what you are doing to other users, using the Submission Notes field.

Discussing The Release Information

14.3.1. Any user is welcome to discuss any release information on the History / Discuss / Vote page. Simply put your comment in the comment box and hit the "Post Comment" button. All users with the release in their collectionreleases contributed or sales list, and their notification option set to "on", will receive an email or PM informing them a comment has been made.

14.3.2. All comments should be on the topic of improving the release information. Comments are not for chatting / arguing with other users, adding reviews of the release, etc.

14.3.3. If you find you have a disagreement with another user regarding the release information, please DO NOT continue a back and forth argument in the release's comments section. Especially, please do not edit the release information back and forth. This makes the release history hard to read, causes annoyance for other users and is not constructive.

The best course of action is as follows:

  • Take a break from the release. Leave things for a few days, and see if you feel as strongly about things when you come back. Often, an issue that seems very important will seem less significant or easier to solve after a few days.
  • Ask other users for their opinion, either by privately messaging users you know, or posting a thread in the Database Forum. You should post a link to the forum thread in the release comments. Again, take your time with the issue, let others voice their opinion and only reply once you have considered all the other opinions. Seek a compromise if possible, always refer to the guidelines for guidance, and try to provide links to the guidelines, other submissions, etc. to support your view.
  • If a resolution can still not be found, please contact our Database support team and request a decision.

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