Linee guida del Database 15. Rimuovere una pubblicazione

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General Information About The "Remove Release" Feature

15.1.1 This function is found on the release history page, on the right hand side of the gray section:

After clicking the 'Remove Release' link, you will see:

This function allows voters and owners of the release to vote on its removal. A release needs over 81% 'Yes' votes to be removed. All users with the release in their collection are able to vote on the removal. Removed releases go back to the original submitters draft folder.

When Should Release Be Removed?

15.1.2. Releases should only be removed from the Database if they are invalid. For example, they don't exist or they don't contain enough information to identify them as a valid unique release. For all duplicate releases, please use the Merge Release function. Please see the general guidelines for more information. Releases that have been entered in an extremely inappropriate manner (for example, releases with adult themes, artwork, etc. listed in the Children's genre) can be removed from the Database.

When Should Releases Not Be Removed?

15.1.3. Releases should not be removed because they were entered without the submitter having the release (websubmission). If the release exists and the data is enough to represent the release, it must stay in the Database. However, you can report the user who did the websubmission to our support team: Users doing websubmissions may be warned, restricted, blocked or banned from the Database.


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