Linee guida del Database 18. Aggiornare il profilo di un'artista

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NOTE: Artists cannot be added on their own, the artist is added when a release containing their name is entered to the database. Please make sure to review our Database Guideline 2. Artist for more information regarding the Artist field on the submission form.


Real Name

18.1. Enter the real name of the artist here, if it is known. Please do not add aliases or nicknames in this field. Do not use this field to list the members of a group, please use the 'In Groups' feature on each individual members page to list the group members. Stating the official name of a group is acceptable. If the artist changed their name due to marriage, please enter this as "Married Name née Birth Name".


18.2.1.The Profile field is used to give a description of the artist. History, musical styles, members (if the individual members cannot be added using their individual 'In Groups' links), changes to line-ups, etc. belong here. It must be written in clear English, devoid of hype and as grammatically correct as possible. The first sentence should be a short overview of the artist for quick identification. The rest of the profile should be a concise and factual summary of the artists career. The average profile should aim to be around 150 words. There is no minimum, and profiles can run to about 500 words at the maximum, if necessary.

18.2.2. Recommended content for an artist profile:

  • A neutral biography of the artist;
  • Styles the artist is known for; or
  • Any other historical information regarding the artist.

18.2.3. Forbidden content for an artist profile: 

  • Copy / pasted info from the internet or any other copyrighted or credited material;
  • Promotional wordings, or anything that could be perceived as hype;
  • Profiles written in the first or second person;
  • Lists of labels, releases, aliases or groups (these can all go into the Database via release submissions and Alias / In Groups updates); or
  • Links that point towards external web sites.

Web Links

18.3.1. For the submission of artist sites. Only add full URLs with the http:// prefix to this field. Do not add any auxiliary text.

18.3.2. Do not link to review pages, Label pages that do not include artist profiles (include the direct link to the artist profile when available), email addresses, shops or online stores, pages that are not directly accessible (for example, that require a log in or payment to view) or poor quality fan pages.


18.4.1. The 'Alias' field is used to link different aliases of an artist. Aliases are other names the artist is 'Also Known As'. Use this field only if the artist (meaning a group of members or an individual) is exactly the same, not if a part of ArtistOne is a part of ArtistTwo.

18.4.2. If the name is simply a variation or abbreviation, don't use aliases, but instead use the Artist Name Variation function.

18.4.3. When adding and deleting aliases you only need to do one update: Add alias ArtistTwo to ArtistOne and ArtistOne will automatically be listed as an alias of ArtistTwo. Multiple aliases will automatically be linked to each other in the same update.

In Groups

18.5.1. This field is used to list the groups the artist is (or was) a member of. There is no way to add a member to a group from the group's page. You must go to each member's page and add them to the group.

18.5.2. Each group must be entered on a separate line. They will be put automatically in a row in alphabetical order.

18.5.3. List only one instance of an artist as a group member, not all of their aliases. If a member has several aliases then list their real name alias (if a Discogs entry exists for their real name). If a real name alias does not exist in Discogs, use the alias by which they are most commonly known.

18.5.4. Do not list collaborations / groups as members of other groups if individual artist entries exist.

18.5.5. It is possible to mark an association between two artists inactive or defunct by placing an " [[X]]" (In other words: Space, bracket, bracket, capital X, bracket, bracket) after the group name in the Submission Form. This will cause the names involved in the inactive association to be crossed out in the respective Members / In Groups sections on the Artist pages. A group membership should only be marked as defunct if the member left the group while it was still active. This means that if a group breaks up, or a project is retired, all artists who were members at the time of break-up or name retirement should remain listed as active members.


18.6. You can request to remove a Review if it does not comply with the review guidelines.


18.7. Please follow the image guidelines.


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