Linee guida del Database 19. Aggiornare il profilo di un'etichetta

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NOTE: Labels cannot be added on their own, they are automatically added when a release is submitted to the database. Please make sure to review our Database Guideline 4. Label / Catalog for more information regarding the Label field on the submission form.



19.1.1. The Profile field is used to give a description of the label. History, changes, musical styles, etc. belong here. It must be written in clear English, devoid of hype and as grammatically correct as possible. The first sentence should be a short overview of the label for quick identification. The rest of the profile should be a concise and factual summary of the labels history. The average profile should aim be around 150 words. There is no minimum, and profiles can run to about 500 words at the maximum, if necessary. Please mention the sources of information included in any label update.

19.1.2. Recommended content for a Label profile:

  • Written in clear English and as grammatically correct as possible;
  • History of the label or the people involved in running the label;
  • Styles the label is known for; or
  • Any other historical information regarding the label.

19.1.3. Forbidden content for a Label profile:

  • Copy / pasted information from the internet or any other copyrighted or credited material;
  • Promotional wordings, or anything that could be perceived as hype;
  • Profiles written in the first or second person;
  • Lists of sub / parent-labels, releases or artists (these can all go into the database via release submissions and Parent Label updates). Former parent / sub-label information is allowed, however, as there is no way to indicate this otherwise; or
  • Links that point towards external web sites.

Parent Label

19.2. The Parent Label or company is a label (or company) that owns the label whose profile you are editing. Make sure you respect the parent label's spelling and capitalization. Test the link on the confirmation page. This field is only for parent labels, not for sub-labels (sub-labels are linked automatically when a parent label update is accepted). Sister labels cannot currently be displayed via live links, please use the label profile for this information.

Contact Information

19.3.1. If available, please format as follows:

Address Line 1
Address Line 2

Note the line breaks. Addresses without line breaks are difficult to read.

19.3.2. Where contact information is available for a defunct label, it should be displayed. This can help to identify a label and provide extra information on its history. Where appropriate, append this information with: "(Contact info now obsolete)".

19.3.3. Labels that have been relocated should list all their addresses for the same reason. The same "(Contact info now obsolete)" line under obsolete addresses can be used to make clear which is the current address. A brief explanation in the profile can clear up any confusion.


19.4.1. For the submission of a label's URLs. Only add full URLs with the http:// prefix to this field. Do not add any auxiliary text.

19.4.2. Do not link to poor quality fan pages, review pages, shops or online stores, pages that are not directly accessible (for example, that require a log in or payment to view) or enter email addresses in this field.


19.5. Please follow the Review Guidelines.


19.6. Please follow the Image Guidelines.


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