Non sono d'accordo con la valutazione sulla condizione di un oggetto che ho ricevuto

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As Discogs staff does not have physical access to items, both before and after the transaction, we are unable to mediate in the event of a grading dispute. We encourage buyers and sellers to communicate on the order page in an effort to come to a satisfactory resolution for both sides.

If the seller refuses to agree to a solution, then it is important for you to contact your payment provider as soon as possible to request a refund. Your payment provider is the service you used when you sent payment for the order, for example, PayPal.

We always encourage the buyer to contact the seller in case of any grading matter, prior to leaving feedback. This way you give the seller the chance to offer a solution. If a resolution is not offered or can not be met, the buyer should contact their payment provider and file a Seller Not Responding report after 4 days. Please review our Seller Not Responding guide and Grading Standards document for further information.


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