Come posso mettere offline il mio inventario temporaneamente?

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It can be a frustrating experience for both buyers and sellers when an order is placed, and the seller is away from their home or shop for a lengthy period of time. Buyers have a right to expect that items listed as For Sale in the marketplace will be shipped in a timely fashion. Sellers clearly want to complete orders, but cannot do so when they are not near their inventory. 

This is where the Expire Inventory feature comes in handy.

  1. Under the Inventory page in the Marketplace drop-down menu, scroll down below your listings to the "With entire inventory" section and click on "Show Actions." You will then see options for bulk actions on your inventory.
  2. Click on "Expire all For Sale items". This will immediately remove all of your For Sale listings from the active sale, but keep the data intact. The listings will not be deleted, and listings with other statuses (such as Draft or Sold) will not be affected. These listings will now be displayed as a status of Expired in your inventory.
  3. Click on "Run bulk actions" to confirm this action.


When you are back and ready to continue selling, simply return to the menu again. This time, select the "Relist all Expired items" option and click "Run bulk actions" once again. 

IMPORTANT: Do not select all items in your inventory and click "Mark For Sale". Doing so will relist everything in your inventory, including Sold and Draft items. 


Once you select the Relist all Expired items option and click Run bulk actions, all Expired status listings will now be active and visible in the marketplace. The listing date will be updated to the date that you have relisted your inventory.



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