Cos'è il Quicklister & come si utilizza?

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The Quicklister - available under "List Item For Sale" from the Marketplace drop-down in the top menu bar - can help you match a personal CSV file with Discogs database release IDs, to help post large inventories for sale relatively quickly.

To start, please make sure that the file you are uploading is encoded as "UTF-8". 

The Quicklister will only recognize specific column headers. Your CSV must contain only the columns and headers listed below, with headers formatted as shown in the example at the bottom. If you are including a different column or field, or format, write the headers differently, the Quicklister may not be able to recognize the information needed to match your item with the database. 

This video will also explain how the Quicklister works:


Field Description:


(The name of the artist or group)



(The title of the release)



(The name of the record label)



(Catalog number of the release)



(Can be any of these format fields)



(Release date)



(Numeric barcode of the release)



(Must be one of: "Mint (M)", "Near Mint (NM or M-)", "Very Good Plus (VG+)", "Very Good (VG)", "Good Plus (G+)", "Good (G)", "Fair (F)", "Poor (P)")



(Must be one of: "Not Graded", "Generic", "No Cover", "Mint (M)", "Near Mint (NM or M-)", "Very Good Plus (VG+)", "Very Good (VG)", "Good Plus (G+)", "Good (G)", "Fair (F)", "Poor (P)")



(Including currency is not required. Currency must be set in seller settings)



(Comments about your item, limited to 500 characters)



(Private free-text field to help identify an item's physical location)



(Private notes or IDs for your own reference, won't be shown to buyers, limited to 256 characters)



(Must be one of: "Y" to consider offers lower than your listed price or "N" to refuse offers lower than your listed price)





boards of canada,hi scores,skam,ska008,Vinyl,1996,5 021904051061, Near Mint (NM or M-),Near Mint (NM or M-),150,played once,row3shelf2,001a,Y


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