Opzioni di cancellazione

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Non-Paying Buyer - The buyer has not paid for this order after 4 days of having the ability to pay. Automated negative feedback is left for the buyer with this cancellation status. The feedback will state: "No payment received from buyer after # days". Buyers who receive this automated negative feedback cannot leave feedback in return.

  • You may cancel an order as Non-Paying Buyer only if you have invoiced the buyer, not modified the order in any way, given the buyer 4 full days to make payment, and the order has not yet been invoiced for Discogs sales fee invoice.

Item Unavailable  - Some or all of the items in this order are unavailable. No negative feedback is left for the buyer and the option to leave the buyer feedback is removed. The buyer can still leave positive, neutral or negative feedback for the seller. The items on orders cancelled as Item Unavailable, will automatically be removed from the seller's listings and cannot be automatically re-listed.

  • Orders should be cancelled per Item Unavailable when one or more items in an order are missing, sold or not available to a buyer for any reason. This cancellation option also applies to orders where shipping costs turns out to be more expensive than what is stated in the Seller Terms when the buyer placed the order.

Per Buyer's Request  - The buyer wishes to cancel this transaction. The order is cancelled by the seller, per the buyer's request. This cancellation option is at the discretion of the seller. The option to leave feedback is left open for both buyer and seller.

  • If you are unable to cancel an order, due to already being billed for it, please use the support request form to request an invoice adjustment (include the order numbers that you have want cancellation for).


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