Vorrei mettere in vendita un articolo ma non lo trovo nel database

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The release you sell needs to be the exact same as the release listed. If you cannot find your version in our Database, your release will need to be submitted first. Commenting on the differences between the item being sold and the one detailed on the Discogs release page is not permitted.

Our copy to draft feature makes it easy to add your release to the Database. Check out our Copy-to-Draft guideline for all details. 

Here's how it works (pay special attention to steps 5 and 6):

  1. Go to an existing release page for the title you want to submit;
  2. Select the "edit" link located on the right side of the page;
  3. Select the "copy to draft" link located on the right side of the page;
  4. Go to your drafts page;
  5. Select "edit" for the draft you would like to use as a template for a new submission;
  6. Make all changes/additions to the draft that distinguish this unique release from the other existing releases in the database (e.g., different tracks; format; promo; remixes; label; cat#; etc...);
  7. Leave submission notes detailing the changes/additions that have been made;
  8. Select the "preview" button;
  9. If any warnings are provided, double check to ensure there are no mistakes then select the check-box;
  10. Select the "submit" button;
  11. You may need to join your version with a master release or create a new master release once it is submitted.


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