Come posso ottenere un accredito delle commissioni Discogs?

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We issue fee credits for orders when the fee invoice has been paid, but the order was cancelled. If orders are cancelled before the fee invoice is paid, the order will be removed from the invoice and the fee invoice is recalculated automatically. 

Fee credits will not be provided for promotional sales (e.g., "buy 1 get 1 free," "X% off," and so on), or for partial refunds given over disputes, and so on. 

Fee credits for individual orders are available when:

  • The order is less than 90 days old;

And either:

  • A refund is provided to the buyer, that can be confirmed by staff, or it can be confirmed that the buyer did not pay for the order. More information on the refund process can be found here: How Do I Refund An Order?
  • The order is cancelled as Non-Paying Buyer, Per Buyer's Request, or Item Unavailable.

You can view your sales credits by selecting Billing from the Marketplace drop-down menu at the top of your screen. This will direct you to your billing page

Sales fees do not need to be adjusted by staff anytime the seller is able to cancel the order on their own (which is when the sales fee has not yet been invoiced by us). In these cases, the sales fee is adjusted at the time of the order cancellation and the order will not show in the Current Invoice Items list on the billing page. 

If you need staff assistance with cancelling an order, please contact Discogs Support.


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