Il venditore non risponde e non ha aggiornato l'ordine. Cosa posso fare?

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On Discogs, sellers are expected to respond to buyer questions and actions within four days. If it’s been more than four days since your last order update from the seller, a Seller not responding? link will display on the order page.

You can find order pages by clicking on the Marketplace drop-down menu at the top of any page on Discogs and selecting Purchases. The Purchases page will show your order history.


From here, you can click on the order that you would like an update on. The Seller not responding? link will display on the order page below the Messages box.


Clicking on this link will start an automatic process which alerts the seller that you are waiting for an update. If they fail to respond within four days of this report, their ability to sell on the Discogs Marketplace will be blocked until they resolve your issue.

Please note that this feature is only possible after four days of inactivity from the seller and on orders no older than 90 days.


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