Come gestire i tuoi acquisti utilizzando l'App iOS

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Have you successfully placed an order and are excited to get your new records as soon as possible? By following the below mentioned steps, this process will be quick and easy! Let us know if you still need help or if something is unclear.

Paying for your order

When an order has successfully been placed, the next step is to pay for your order. Please always remember that payment methods should be reviewed before placing an order, so you will know in advance which payment methods are available.

When you click on the green button Place your order you will be redirected to the checkout page. Here, you will see the accepted payment method offered by the seller.

Once the payment is sent, the order status will automatically update to Payment Received. Later, the seller will update the status to Shipped.

The seller can also use an optional order status called “In Progress” before the shipment; this status means that the seller is preparing the order for the shipment. If you want to know more about the different order statuses, please, visit What Do The Different Order Statuses Mean?

If you paid the order using an e-check, the order status will be updated to “Payment Pending”. Only when the payment has been cleared will the order status update to “Payment Received”. For more information, visit Why Does Discogs Show "Payment Pending" On My Order?

Note: When paying with a method other than PayPal, follow the steps as outlined by the seller.

For any other payment questions, please message your seller directly on the order page.

Communicating with the seller

If you'd like to contact the seller via the order page, you can do so through a designated message field.

If you have any questions about your purchase, shipping or other concerns, it’s best to let the seller know via the order page. You will simply need to type your request, tap on the blue button “Send Message”, and after doing so, your message will be visible for you and the seller:

If the seller of the order has not responded after 4 days of your last message or has not updated the status correspondently, please use the Seller Not Responding? feature under the text box so the seller is notified about this:

Below your order details, you will find our help documents in case you have other doubts, a link to contact Discogs Support if you need to report a problem with the order or the App, and the option to view the purchase via

Leaving feedback

Feedback is very important on Discogs! For this reason, we ask our users to leave feedback only once the order has been completed and any related questions or concerns resolved. 

If the order is eligible to leave feedback you will see a blue icon called "Leave feedback" under the seller's username, above the message box:

Tap the button and select the type of feedback you want to leave (Positive, Neutral or Negative), then tap Next Step, write a small text that defines your experience with the seller (read here how to leave appropriate feedback) and tap on the green button, Send Feedback:

The feedback will now show on the order page as well as on the seller's rating page.

From here, you also have the option to remove from Wantlist and Add to Collection after leaving feedback on a purchase - go for it!


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