What Are Automatic Shipping Policies? 

NEWDiscogs just added the option for sellers to offer "Free Shipping" within their automatic shipping policies. Any order that meets the requirements for your Free Shipping policy will get an invoice automatically:

Learn more about how to add shipping policies below!


A Shipping Policy is a way of having your shipping costs calculated automatically for the buyer. When you have a Shipping Policy set up, our systems will look at where they’re located (based on their buyer address), and issue them their invoice with the appropriate shipping costs calculated immediately.

Sellers who use Automatic Shipping Policies do so because: 

  • Buyers are more likely to purchase from a seller when they can see the cost of shipping next to the cost of the item.
  • We can tell a buyer the cost of adding additional items to their cart, increasing a seller’s average order size.
  • If a seller has countries they do not want to ship to, they can block the buyer's ability to purchase from them.
  • Buyers have the option to pay at the time of checkout if they're using PayPal. 

To set up automatic shipping policies:

  1. From the Shipping Policies page (accessed from your Seller Settings page), click "Edit Shipping Policies".
  2. Select one or more destinations for the policy.

Tip: You can set policies for specific countries and then select Entire World as a separate policy that will cover all other destinations. If you specify a specific country, we'll use that instead of your Entire World policy.

  1. Click "Add a shipping method".
  2. Select the shipping method. Then select weight, quantity, or format depending on how you prefer to set shipping costs.
  • Selecting weight allows you to set prices based on the estimated grams of each item.      

  • Selecting quantity allows you to set prices based on the number of items within an order. 
  • Selecting format allows you to set prices based on the type of media:

  1. (Optional) Set a value for "Order total must be at least/under".


- "Order total must be at least 0.00" will offer the shipping method for all orders.

- "Order total must be under 35.00" will only offer the shipping method for orders valued 0.00 to 34.99, exclusive of shipping costs.

- "Order total must be at least 35.00" will only offer the shipping method for orders valued 35.00 or more, exclusive of shipping costs.

  1. Enter how many days it takes you to ship after receiving an order.
  2. Enter the estimated range of business days it will take for the package to be delivered.
  3. Enter shipping prices based on weight, quantity, or format. Add additional ranges as needed.
  4. Save the policy.

Note if you have two applicable shipping policies, the buyer will see whichever one you have listed first.

You can also block a country using automatic shipping policies if you don’t wish to ship to a certain country. This can be done from your Entire World Shipping Policy. Click on the Entire World policy, and deselect any country you don’t wish to ship to. Buyers residing in countries that you do not accept orders from will be unable to add your inventory to their cart.  


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