How To Place An Order Using The Android App

✨✨We all have our favourite seller on Discogs and with this trick you can access their inventory quickly: Save the seller as "Friend" (see Friends Feature On The Android App for more information) and you can access their inventory from your profile! ✨✨

It's handy to buy your favourite records on-the-go on the Android App. This document will walk you through the most important steps such as finding items for sale, making offers, viewing your cart, finally, placing an order

If you have already placed the order and have questions, please check our separate document Managing Your Purchases On The Android App.

Finding items for sale 

  • From a release or Master release page:

To find items for sale, go to any release or Master release page of the item you are looking for and tap on  "x for sale" under the Sales History section:

  • From your Wantlist

You can also look for an item you would like to purchase directly in your Wantlist: Click on the overflow menu and then on "View items for sale":

When browsing the Items I Want from the Buy Music section in the left hand menu, you can add an item to your cart by simply tapping on the item you’d like to purchase. The item page will load with relevant information to review (item details, seller rating and seller terms, add to cart or browse more copies for sale, etc.)

  • From the search results

You can also use the search results (or the barcode scanner results) to find the item you want to buy.

Type the name of the item (or LP, album, EP, etc.) and narrow the results by using the filters above the results list (Type, Format, Country, Year, Genre and Style ). You will have to tap the specific release to know more about prices.

  • From a seller’s inventory

If you remember a seller's username, you can type the username in the search bar to go to their profile. Also, if you have bought something from a seller previously, you will be able to tap their username, from an order page, for example.

You will see the seller’s profile page, and the items that he has listed for sale. Tap on "View all xxx" to go the seller's inventory:

Also, if you are viewing an item page, you can tap on View Inventory to view more items that the seller has for sale:

Once you are viewing a seller's inventory, you can use the specific search bar to search for a specific release from their inventory:

Adding items to your cart

Once you tap on “Add to Cart” on a specific release, a notification will show at the bottom of the screen letting you know that the item has been added to your cart.  

Make an offer

Items for which sellers allow to make an offer will show a button next to Add to Cart on the item page:

Tap that blue Make Offer button to go to the offer page.

In there you’ll need to type the price you want to offer for the item. You can also add notes for the seller if necessary, to let them know any relevant information. Check that everything is correct and tap the Submit Offer button to send the offer.
If you want to keep track of the offer made, go to Buy Music > Offers Made.

Note: For more information on offers, please have a look at our How Can I Make An Offer? document.


When using the Discogs Android App, you can access the items in your cart in two different ways: 

- Tapping the shopping cart icon on the top of every page:

- Using the left side menu: Menu > Buy Music > Cart

Placing an order

Are all the items you want to buy in your cart? Then you're almost done with placing the order!

Here is how it works:

  • In the cart, you will see a green button called “Proceed to Checkout”:  When tapping “Proceed to Checkout” you will be able to review the order details, which contains the following: Seller’s username, rating, accepted payment methods, the number of items and the total price.
  • You will already see the shipping costs displayed here. You can also tap on the “Shipping Methods” button to review and select the various shipping methods the seller might offer.
  • Before placing the order, you can also review and modify your shipping address by tapping on the “Shipping Address” button. If your shipping address is different than the one in your PayPal account (if you’re using PayPal), be sure to let the seller know of the discrepancy and to specify which address you wish to use. 
  • Once you have reviewed all of this information, you can finalise the order by tapping the “Place Order” button. By doing so, you are agreeing to have read and understood the Buyer Policy and the seller’s own terms, as listed in their Seller Terms.


Once you tap the Place your order button, you will be taken to a new page that displays the following message:

Thank you for ordering from (seller's name)

Your total for these items, including shipping, is (order subtotal).

From here, you will then be given two options:

  1. View your purchase: This will take you to the order page for the item you just purchased.
  2. View all of your purchases: This will take you to your Purchases page.

Excited for your purchase to arrive? Let us know if you have concerns or are in need of help! 📦


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